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Project Update – Nov. 17, 2017 |

Today’s update provides an overview of what to expect in the┬ánext two patches along with a few other newsworthy topics. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/official-updates/project-update-nov-17-2017/

Free Period to Run from Oct. 27th – Nov. 7th |

Darkfall: Rise of Agon will be having a free period from Friday, October 27th until Tuesday, November 7th. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/official-updates/free-period-run-oct-27th-nov-7th/

Patch Notes – October 25th, 2017 |

from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-october-25th-2017/

Official Roadmap Release with Community Voting |

Read for more information on our new roadmap webpage that lets players vote on development tasks they deem take priority! from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/official-updates/official-roadmap-release-community-voting/

Public Test Server Patch Notes – October 15th, 2017 |

Read the notes for today’s build going up on our Public Test Server which includes the new Runebooks, Village Capture mechanics, Map Enhancements, Spawn Scaling expansion and changes to Hit Protection. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/patch-notes/public-test-server-patch-notes-october-15th-2017/

Design Statement and Road Map |

We released our updated road map today that includes the areas of focus we will be working on over the coming months. Read for more details and stay tuned for our upcoming patch next week. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/official-updates/design-statement-and-road-map/

Introducing Agon Metrics |

Today we are launching Agon Metrics – our new online tool that displays PvP statistics and provides an activity heat map so you can find where the action is. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/official-updates/introducing-agon-metrics/

Patch Notes – September 7th, 2017 |

from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/patch-notes/patch-notes-september-7th-2017/

Extended Downtime on Sept 1st |

Today we will be having an extended maintenance and provided a quick overview of the upcoming village mechanics. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/official-updates/extended-downtime-sept-1st/

Public Test Server Patch Notes – August 27th, 2017 |

Read today’s update for the changes that have been deployed on the public test server, including things such as remote crafting and changes to stats. from Darkfall: Rise of Agon news feed https://www.darkfallriseofagon.com/news/patch-notes/public-test-server-patch-notes-august-27th-2017/